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Tips For Effective Cockroach Control
Cockroaches are pests that can cause serious harm to people and pets by spreading harmful bacteria, transmitting diseases, provoking allergies, and transporting parasitic worms. They can also easily evade chemical treatments and adapt to avoid baits, resulting in an infestation that may require professional pest control services.

Roaches like warm, dark places with access to food and water and can be found in many areas of the home. Some common hiding places include cracks and crevices in walls, floors, ceilings, and foundations. Use a flashlight and mirror to inspect these areas for cockroach activity.

Identify the species and locate the hiding places (see Table 1). This will help you decide how to manage your cockroach problem.

German cockroaches, the most common pest in California, prefer to live in kitchens and bathrooms, often close to food and water sources. They also like to hide under cabinets and in other dark places, such as behind toilets, under sinks, and in ductwork or vents.

Asian cockroaches, which can be found in warmer regions, look similar to German roaches and are smaller, but they are not usually as active indoors. They are often more difficult to see in the dark, so be sure to check all of your hiding areas thoroughly for them.

Traps are one of the best ways to determine where cockroaches are hiding and how big a problem you have. Set traps in areas where you are suspecting a problem, such as around water heaters, under cabinets, and near food. You can also place traps on the floor near cracks and crevices where cockroaches may be living.

Remove all crumbs from countertops and tables to prevent them from being eaten by cockroaches. This will help keep your home clean and make cockroaches more uncomfortable to come into contact with.

Maintain an adequate supply of clean, sanitary storage containers and garbage cans. These should be sealed to prevent cockroaches from gaining access to the food and waste that you throw away.

Detect cockroaches before they invade by placing a few sticky traps where you suspect the bugs may be living, such as around sinks and in corners where they might crawl into cracks. It is important to trap cockroaches before they can spread a problem to other parts of the house or apartment complex.

Removing clutter from the house and sealing entry points are also key factors in controlling cockroaches. Removing old stacks of newspapers, books, unused cardboard boxes and other forms of clutter will reduce hiding places for cockroaches.

Cleaning out and replacing garbage cans is a simple way to minimize cockroaches’ chances of entering the home in the first place. Be sure to discard the trash as soon as it is full and always line the inside of a container with plastic liners or tightly fitting lids.

Store foods, including raw meats and fish, in bug-proof, tamper-resistant containers. Especially important are items with thin packaging, such as flour, cereal, chocolate chips, pet food, and other dry foods.

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